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Included below is only a fraction of the projects I have completed over the last 10 years of my career.

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Project Management Application - Lutheran Life Communities
Client was in dire need of project and task process flow management. The application was developed to replace projects being managed through emails and phone calls only. There currently was no way within the organization to plan, check status, or hold employees accountable for results and resolution. The application was developed in ASP.NET 2.0 using VB.NET and with SQL Server 2000. Employees were able to submit project requests for approval. Once approved by the executive team, the project could be mapped out into individual tasks that could be assigned to specific employees to carry out these tasks. Status updates were automatically sent to all team members attached to the tasks and once the task was completed the system required that the creator of the task approve the work that was done before the task could be closed. A "task dashboard" that was included was a big part of how employees would plan out the workload during the week and it changed the entire company in a way that kept everyone productive and much more efficient.

Purchase Order Approval System - Lutheran Life Communities
Much like the Project Management System listed above, the client needed the ability to make requests for purchase order approvals that showed status and resolution to the requestor. The administration section of PO Approval system allowed administrators to designate approval "paths" in which, under a number of circumstances, approvals would go down an appropriate path for approval. This could be based on anything from the department of the request, the vendor, and even the purchase dollar amount where administrators could set dollars amounts that approvers could give final approval. Otherwise, if the dollar amount was over that amount, it would continue down the approval path and possibly all the way up to the president of the organization if necessary.

Activities Calendar - Lutheran Life Communities
Client needed an interactive touch screen calendar application that allowed assisted living residents the ability to sign up for activities being held at their facility. The application was developed in ASP.NET 2.0 using VB.NET and with SQL Server 2000. Once the resident signs up for an activity they are listed on a report for the facility administrator. On the day of the activity, the administrator is able to print a bar-coded badge sticker for each of the residents. As the all leave the facility they administrator sticks the badge on the appropriate resident and scans the badge with a barcode scanner to mark them in the database as present. Once they come back they can scan the residents' badge again to mark them as safely returned. After all the residents are scanned as "returned" e-mails are automatically sent to the resident's loved-ones to let them know what kind of activities they are participating in while at the facility.

Child Immunization Tracking - Lutheran Life Communities
Client needed a system that tracked and reported on immunizations of children in their daycare facility. The application was developed in ASP.NET 2.0 using VB.NET and with SQL Server 2000. The application would allow the facility to enter children into a waiting list for the day care program and automatically order the children based on certain criteria. The administrators could at any time accept a child into the program from the wait list and once that event occurred it would automatically setup an immunization checklist and e-mail the parents to notify them of upcoming immunizations that were due at certain child age periods specified by state law.

Pet Vaccination Tracking - Lutheran Life Communities
Client needed a system that tracked and reported on immunizations of children in their daycare facility. The application was developed in ASP.NET 1.1 using VB.NET and with SQL Server 2000. The application would allow administrators to enter in pets that loved-ones would bring into visit the assisted living center residents. Once the pet was entered into the system it would automatically setup a vaccination checklist and e-mail the pet owners to notify them of upcoming vaccinations that were due each year that was specified by state law.

Parking Violation Tracking - Lutheran Life Communities
Client needed a system that allowed the entry, tracking and reporting of parking violations at their facility. The application was developed in ASP.NET 2.0 using VB.NET and with SQL Server 2000. Security personel we able to enter parking violations into the system that linked up with the current employee database and residents of the facility database. The application tracked multiple violations and automatically alerted management of repeat parking violation offenders as well as automatically sent monthy reports to security managers.

Wire Transfer System - HBK
Architect and developed a Web based tool for creating, storing, and printing of financial wires from and to our firm. The administration system includes Bank Mapping, Counterparty contracts, and a Manager Approval screens. Technologies used to develop include ASP, SQL, HTML, JavaScript, and ADO.

Intranet - HBK
Centralized internal portal style website which contains web based applications, reports (Risk, Portfolio, P&L, Capital, Stock Loan, etc.), important announcements, external research links, hardware tracking tools, application monitoring, and employee information, for all departments and personalized by user. Worked initially as a designer and developer adding onto the preexisting intranet, however, I found that we were writing redundant code across several sections, so I led a project to redesign and redevelop the entire intranet separating out business logic and pulling from generic technical solutions. Our new intranet is more modular and makes it easier for us to target users and user groups based on NTLogins. On the web server we keep a static xml document for each user that is constantly updated with user preferences. This allows for our users to log in from any computer around the world and pull up their personalized intranet with bookmarked reports, research links, and home page. Several extensions are associated to the intranet including all web based applications and forms, as well as, xml and CSV flat files used for reporting purposes.

Legal Contract System - HBK
Developed a small document management system at first to replace an expensive third party software package called PCDOCS, however, determines that we could connect our transactions and restricted trades to the meta-data that was being stored with the documents. Worked as the business analyst in documenting the process and gathering requirements and then lead developer. The contract system allows for our legal department to store our agreements with counterparties and custodians as well as store the original documents into our database as blobs. Forms are web based ASP with JavaScript client side validation. On the backend, server-side validation is now done when uploading trade requests which bounce off the meta-data stored from the contract system and automates a once manual process of determining if we are within our agreement.

Extranet - HBK
Managed, designed, and developed a website for potential employees and private placement companies. Initially gathered requirements from the Investor Relations and Private Placement groups and ran prototypes by all partners for approval. Once approved, developed an ASP content delivery system with an XML backbone to handle navigation and content highlights, such as current statistics. Corporate administration goes into the website under a secured environment and updates the stats on a monthly basis. Content is saved by both major groups as html and ASP generically looks for the content.

Front & Back Office Administration - HBK
Small application to assist corporate administrators to gather office requests as far as office supplies, maintenance requests, and general requests. Worked as the Project Manager and lead developer in developing the ASP forms, SQL stored procedures, and ASPQmail e-mail alerts. Tapped into the backend architecture and database table structure of the Project Management System currently being used in the company.